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Our Products

Thanks to our online B2B channel, which facilitates access to stock and price information, detailed product images for all our product ranges in line with the expectations of our customers, our customers can examine our products whenever they need it, and make their orders and payments over B2B.

Our Products Range

If you want to reach our detailed product list, it would be appropriate to contact our company and submit your request. All of your B2B and dealership requests are carefully examined via the info(at) e-mail address. By sharing your detailed company information, you can have more detailed information about our products.

Dealer Order Network

It is possible to carry out all transactions through our online sales channel, which we developed to support the active and instant sales of hundreds of our dealers throughout Turkey and to enable them to benefit from instant payment facilities.

Regional Sales and Support

Our regional sales representatives throughout the country actively follow the market, and we meet the market needs by carefully visiting all our dealers on the basis of customer satisfaction, keeping their needs and demands up to date. Our regional representatives actively serve our customers in the Anatolian, Black Sea and Aegean regions they visit regularly.

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Young and Dynamic

We can never ignore our humble beginning that enabled us to grow, thanks to the quality understanding we offer to the auto accessories industry by combining years of experience and knowledge.

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It Is the determInatIon that keeps the sectoral experIence and knowledge together.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge that holds the young and dynamic structure together, we provide service in the Automotive Sector with an understanding of quality and innovation. We are developing day by day, always thinking one step ahead, together with our valued customers and dealers, who have a great share in our success throughout Turkey, serving Modiye and Tuning fans in the world of Auto Tuning and Accessories. Customer satisfaction, which is an inseparable part of this development, has always been a priority issue for us, to which we have been diligently sensitive.

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Always beıng one step ahead and plannıng for the future.

Our strong supply network and timely supply of uninterrupted and quality products is the most important factor for our domestic and foreign customers and dealers to choose us, which makes us who we are. We continue to move forward, always aiming for the better, without ignoring the realities that the market needs, together with our strong suppliers that produce with years of experience throughout Turkey and abroad. We are always planning quality and further with our dynamic structure by always offering new products to the changing market needs every day.

Thanks to our B2B channel, where we serve our dealers across the country, our customers can instantly access our products and meet their needs.

Thanks to the value added to us by our customers in 3 continents and different countries around the world, providing better service and quality will always be among our indispensables.

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our vısıon

To provide quality and creative products and services beyond expectations. Pointdo Automotive, working on the principle of customer focus in the automotive accessories industry, knows the industry well, knows the expectations of its customers, defines new expectations and aims to represent them at the highest level, has creative and talented manpower and uses technology well in this direction, is reliable, efficient in the fields of automotive accessories. is an automotive company that aims to provide profitable and profitable services.

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Adopting quality as a way of life and protecting accuracy and trust as its most important values, Pointdo has placed its name in a different position among the respected companies of the sector, both for its customers and suppliers, with its management approach based on "respect for people" since its establishment. We are constantly increasing our contribution to the economy of our country, while maintaining our position as an enterprise that carries out the quality service and solution process with superior success with the aim of being permanent in the sector by creating differences with the service it provides. We are shaping our future today. We are responsible for making secure business partnerships and projects for our customers, which is our reason for existence.

Puando Otomotiv Ltd. Şti.

Şeklerpınar Mah. Muhsin

Yazıcıoğlu Cad. No:86A

41420 Çayırova, Kocaeli

+90 539 262 5734


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